Thursday, 7 September 2017

Progress Report Early September

Work continues at Huyton Junction, and I noticed a signal base has appeared for the platform four "starter".  (If anyone has the numbers for the new signals I'd be grateful.)
I also noticed a shiny new AWS magnet in the four foot west of Roby and since writing that I've seen another one in platform 4 there.  TPWS grids have appeared as well, you can see one in the above photo.

The edge of platform four at Huyton is suffering the same demolition and rebuild as happened at Roby:
Clearly someone slipped up - I hope we're not paying for all this work to be redone.

At Lime Street, the new platforms are well on their way:

Friday, 4 August 2017


At Huyton a further length of the fourth line, from the current end of rails to the far end of the telephone exchange, has received sleepers, but no rails yet.
Update:  By Sunday rails were in place on these sleepers, and a number of S&C track panels were stacked on them.

Meanwhile, at Lime Street, the 'hole' which will eventually become the two new platforms, has been almost completely excavated.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Platform Work at Roby and Huyton

I was somewhat surprised last week to see that all the edge stones on the recently built platform 4 at Roby have been lifted, before anyone had a chance to board a train there.
I don't know the reason for this, perhaps it was built in the wrong place, or the requirements have since changed.

At Huyton, platform 4 will be closed along with the northern access to the station, from 7 August.  Some pallets of building materials have been delivered to the platform, suggesting that similar work is to be undertaken here.

Friday, 21 July 2017

New Timetable: Electric trains! - Ordsall Chord

This week the first details of the new timetable, valid from Sunday 10 December this year until Saturday 19 May 2018 trickled into my database, so here's the results of a very quick scan.

The service at Huyton is pretty similar to the current one, but with many trains re-timed by a few minutes.  The exciting news is that they are, at last, timed for 100mph Class 319 units instead of Class 142 pacers.  This results in slightly faster running times, for example 3 minutes less for a stopping train from Wigan to Lime Street and 5 minutes saved Manchester Victoria to Lime Street.

Of course, a change much more important in the scheme of things is the opening of the Ordsall Chord, with trains from Oxford Road to Leeds (Via Victoria and Bradford.)   Here's an example:

Another important change in the new timetable is the appearance of electric services at Bolton.  Only local ones so far, there aren't any Scotland services.

Don't forget, as I always say in posts about new timetables, the data is well outside Network Rail's twelve week window and so must be considered provisional.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Lime Street Remodelling

The timetable for the first week of the autumn works at Liverpool Lime Street arrived in my database this morning.  Update:  I have added details of later in the period as they were released.

Here's a summary of the effects on "our" lines:

On Saturday 30 September and Sunday 01 October buses run between Lime Street and St Helens Central and between Lime Street and Manchester.

On Monday 02 to Sunday 08 October the buses are to St Helens Central and St Helens Junction.

From Monday 09 until Saturday 14 and Monday 16 to Friday 20 October, a modified service will run with two trains an hour all stations Lime Street to/from Wigan, one of which is extended to Preston; and two trains an hour all stations to/from Manchester Victoria one of which skips Patricroft and Eccles.  After about 20:00 buses replace trains between Lime Street and Huyton.
Note that these will be the only trains at Lime Street High Level, services on other routes will run from South Parkway or Hunt's Cross.

On Sunday 15 October one train an hour each way between Lime Street and Manchester Airport, and one train an hour each way between Lime Street and Preston.  These will be the only trains at Lime Street.

On Saturday 21 October, two trains an hour all stations Huyton to/from Wigan, one of which is extended to Preston; and two trains an hour to/from Manchester Oxford Road, one of which is fast between Newton and Oxford Road.  No trains at all at Lime Street.
On Sunday 22 October one train an hour each way between Huyton and Manchester Airport, and one train an hour each way between Huyton and Preston, with buses between Lime Street and Huyton.  No trains at all at Lime Street.

On Monday 23 October, hopefully normal service will be resumed.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Progress Report

Liverpool Lime Street

Demolition of the post office building is complete and the digging out of the new tracks is under way.

The Virgin buildings which also occupy the location of the new platforms have been vacated and are now also surrounded by hoardings ready for demolition.  Virgin, meanwhile, have a new office on the concourse.

Huyton Fourth Track

I was surprised to see a track machine parked on the fourth track near Roby station:
This is a Plasser & Theurer 08-16-SP tamper, I'm told.  How it reached this totally isolated piece of railway I don't know.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

More Progress at Huyton

The construction shanty town occupying Huyton Hey Car Park has been cleared and the lines marking the bays are being re-done, so the re-opening can be only a day or so away.

Further to my previous report, I have not seen any more new track.

There will be no trains at Huyton on Sunday 6 August 2017, hopefully an opportunity to get on with the fourth track.

Friday, 28 April 2017



The car park at the telephone exchange is back in normal use.

More interestingly, a couple of panels of new track have been laid, extending the fourth line a little further eastwards towards Huyton Junction.  (The track previously stopped in line with the end of the platform.)

Liverpool Lime Street

Work to demolish the former post office building between platforms seven and eight is progressing slowly, although I couldn't see anyone working on Thursday afternoon - Perhaps they can only knock down walls outside traffic hours.
Update - 7 May:
The above picture was taken on 27 April.  Ten days later things had moved on significantly:

Friday, 31 March 2017

Huyton Barrier Completed

It looks like all the work on the walls and fencing behind the bus station and the telephone exchange has been completed, clearing the way for the fourth track.  The telephone exchange car park is clean and tidy and ready for use, although I haven't seen any cars in it yet - maybe BT have lost the padlock key?

The next part of the project is new rails and electrification, hopefully most or all will be completed in a September blockade.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Huyton Progress

The first stage of the project to add a fourth track has moved on well.  Behind the telephone exchange the barrier seems complete although I presume railings are to be added on top.  I think the car park will be available once that has been done.

The rear of the bus station is once again in use for turning buses, and the new wall seems complete.  A little finishing off remains to be done.

The encampment in Huyton Hey car park remains in place, presumably it will be the base for the second stage of the project, already under way, which is the railway work - Moving and adding electrification masts and laying new track.